User Advisory

Our Library’s subscription to the Kanopy streaming film collection is fundamentally different from our other e-resource subscriptions. For our electronic book and journal collections we pay a flat annual fee, based on student enrollment. The cost of Kanopy, however, is governed entirely by its use!

  • The Dawson College Library has deposited a limited sum of money with Kanopy.
  • $2.00 is deducted from this fund each time a film is played.
  • As such, there is a risk our “Kanopy fund” will be depleted before the end of the current session.

Kanopy 2018-2019 funds exhausted…
March 26, 2019

We subscribed to Kanopy at the urging of several faculty members, who championed its acquisition as an essential academic resource.

If you are accessing Kanopy for course-related purposes, please proceed with our full blessing and encouragement.

If you’ve come to “Kanopy and chill”, we ask that you please respect the needs of other community members and not deplete our Kanopy fund for recreational purposes.

By clicking the button below, you confirm that you have read this advisory
(and solemnly swear that you are accessing Kanopy for purely academic purposes).

Thank you for your consideration!!