COVID-19: Faculty Access to Kanopy

If you are a Faculty member, please Ask a Librarian for instructions on how to:
     (a) access the Kanopy film collection, and
     (b) share films links with your students.

User Advisory

Kanopy is unique!

Unlike the flat annual fees we pay for our other databases, the price of Kanopy is linked directly to its use. Regrettably, this licensing model makes it impossible for our library to sustain access beyond an established threshold.

Before you use Kanopy, please be aware that:
  • The Dawson College Library has deposited a limited sum of money with Kanopy
  • $2.00 is deducted from this sum each time a user clicks to “watch” a film
  • Each click opens a 72-hour, unlimited viewing window
  • With regular use, the fund may dry up at any time during the current academic year

We subscribe to Kanopy at the urging of faculty members who value the collection as a unique academic resource. When the fund is depleted, our ability to re-invest will depend on whether/how much money remains in the Library’s budget. We do not expect that any will.

Thank you for your consideration!!